Monster Reviews for SIOP and other Power Points.

Unit One: Proud to Be an American -- Identity

Unit 1 Reading:

Unit 1 Rights, Responsibilities & Duties Project:
Students will create a google slide show regarding the definitions of Rights, Duties & Responsibilities. Students will have 3 pictures supporting the definitions. Please remember to include the Rights of Security, Liberty & Equality.

Unit Two: Lego's of American -- Change & Community

Unit Three: We the People -- Balance

Helpful website for the US Constitution:

Unit Four: Three Ring Circus-- Power & the Branches
Legislative Branch

Executive Branch

Judicial Branch

National vs State Government powerpoint

Unit Five: Ante Up - The Political System --Ideology

Voter's Vocabulary Word Bank: popular, democracy, election, absentee, district, political party, polling place, referendum, residency, primary, register, platform, ballot, candidates, election, Constitution

Unit Six: Law and Order -- Rule of Law

Unit Seven: Decisions, Decisions -- Scarcity

Unit Eight: Money makes the World go Round -- Interdependence

Unit Nine: Who Wants to be a Millionaire? -- Resources