This is your class notes page. I will place items by topic.

Unit One: Identity: Proud to be an American

Unit Two: Change & Continunity

Unit Three: Balance

Unit Four: Power
Legislative Branch: Article I in the US Constitution & II in the NC Constitution

Executive Branch: Article II in the US Constitution & Article III in the NC Constitution

The Judicial Branch: Article III in the US Constitution & Article IV in the NC Constitution

Unit Five: Ideology - Voting, Elections, Political Parties
these are for analyzing in class
To annotate when Ms. Goudes is absent!!!!!!

This is the Political Party Power point we went over in class 10/3

Propaganda terms:
This is to help clarify the Public Opinion teacher notes, unless this is the one you prefer to annotate.
The goal 4 Ben's stuff is for reading, not annotating! But feel free to annotate if you wish.

Unit Six: Law and Order - The US Legal System
Helpful law/judicial website:
--> This PowerPoint is not to be annotated. It is to be used as a review!

--> Not to be annotated -- will do in class!
--> Not to be annotated -- will do in class!

Unit Seven [Decisions, Decisions], Unit Eight [Money Makes the World Go Round] & Unit Nine [Personal Financial Literacy]

--> Not to be annotated - will do as group work!

--> Not to be annotated - do as a review of the above Demand notes!


--> someone created a 1 stop show for all economic powerpoints. If you print the others, no need to print this one. It will be a cumulative review!