Here are a few tips regarding studying:

Read the material carefully first. Read all graphs, picture, and map information.

Talk to the text. If you have a copy - number the lines, highlight what you know, circle what you don't [define it!], try to make a connection [Oh, we covered Hammurabi in World History too!]
You don't have a printed copy to write on? No worries --> summarize what you know. Write questions when you don't. Jot down the connections.

Print up any notes from the wiki you can or if you have a tablet/computer - use it appropriately. ADD extra information from the discussions & readings. Adding page numbers when you add info from a reading is a good idea!

If you do not know a word, look it up in a dictionary!!! A good Collegiate dictionary is a great tool for learning.

Complete all study guides in a timely manner. Highlight all terms from the study guide in your notes when you see them. - Remember the colored highlighters? this is a good practice to start. I try to color code stuff.

Go to every tutoring session possible.

ASK QUESTIONS, chances are you are not the only one with a question. You are just the one that has the determination to ask it!

LISTEN carefully and SILENCE your phone. Phones are a wonderful & terrible thing. That 30 seconds you took to read or respond to a text could be the most important information you need for your next test.

Be in class daily.